LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas lawmakers passed a bill that would require institutions to review ACT and SAT scores if an applicant chooses to submit them, or test-optional.

Texas Tech University will be a test-optional school until 2025 entry terms, according to their website. Test optional means that applicants can submit their SAT and ACT scores, but won’t be punished if they choose not to submit them. Texas Tech encourages applicants to submit application items “that they feel best highlights their skills, talents and potential contributions to Texas Tech,” said the website.

Many other schools across the country are test optional schools and even test blind schools. Test blind schools will not consider SAT or ACT scores; they will review your high school experience as a whole.

During the COVID-19 pandemic colleges made the switch to test-optional due to testing sites shutting down. Many people disapprove of test-optional schools because the SAT and ACT test has provided scholarship opportunities to marginalized students who perform well on the exam, according to Higher Ed Dive.