Texas Tech’s Muslim Student Association demanding action after a fellow chapter was vandalized

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LUBBOCK, Texas– On December 8th, the Muslim Student Association at Arizona State University posted pictures of their prayer room after they found it was vandalized. An investigation is underway, but so far no suspects have been apprehended. The Texas Tech chapter is calling for immediate action. 

The Texas Tech Muslim Student Association’s President Mohamad Altabaa said the institution needs to release a statement that addresses what happened.   

“We are waiting for Arizona State University to put out a statement regarding the situation,” Mohamad said. “Because this incident that happened is unacceptable, and it can’t happen.”

The pictures posted on the group’s Instagram depict what was left of several qurans after their pages were torn out, and some pages appeared burned. 

Member of the Texas Tech’s Muslim Student Association’s Ahamed Altabaa said the incident was a hate crime, and even across state lines, shouldn’t be tolerated.  

“I have deep remorse and I have deep sadness in myself,” Ahamed said, “because these are normal people with normal lives with that kind of action that that person did was malicious because he went there to hurt people.” 

Students who are a part of the association nationwide demand further actions be taken to ensure students feel safe to practice their faith. Mohamad called the event a hate crime, and said school officials need to release a statement condemning these actions. 

“Even if these guys are in Arizona this is unacceptable,” Mohamad said. “If they are going through a hurtful stage or something happened to them. We are hurting as well with them. We are with them throughout the entire situation and we won’t back down until we get a statement from the Arizona State University and from the police.” 

KAMC reached out to Arizona State for a comment on the matter and has not heard back yet. 

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