LUBBOCK, Texas — Slaton Bakery was established in 1923 in West Texas and has since thrived across The Lone Star state with its baked goods on shelves of multiple stores. On Saturday, the locally-owned West Texas bakery will celebrate its centennial year.

According to a social media post, the bakery scheduled to host the event from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The event will provide a prize wheel, an assortment of merchandise to win or purchase, a beer created by a collaboration with Two Docs Brewing Co., free food and more fun activities. spoke with Chad Wilson who is a part-owner and a “Chief Cookie Operator,” said the merchandise and baked goods will be designed with “100 years” to commemorate the milestone.

The bakery’s normal operating hours will be opened for customers to buy their favorite goods, said Wilson

Wilson told the bakery’s goal was to give back to its customers for “their many years of contribution.” He also expressed that the bakery “wouldn’t be here without them.” 

Wilson hopes this event “will be fun for customers” to enjoy the celebration for Slaton bakery’s 100 years.