LITTLEFIELD, Texas – Morgan Hall was on her way to a meeting when the unexpected happened. She said Littlefield is a farm community, but never in a million years would she have expected this to happen.

“I noticed there was this one chicken just on its own and I have this thought, what an unfortunate event it would be if that chicken veered off and I hit him,” Hall said.

Over in Littlefield, one chicken crossed the wrong road.

“Right after I had that thought, she cocked her head, looked at me and made a mad dash for my car,” Hall said.

Hall said she was going 65 mph when her car and the chicken had a head-on collision. It’s safe to say, she had low egg-spectations the chicken would make it.

“I mean, I pelted her,” Hall said. “She got it good. I thought it was interesting, that I didn’t see a puff of feathers, or her roll to this side, or that side.”

Fast forward a week, Hall noticed the grill of her car was bent in, so she went to check it out. Little did she know what she would find.

“All of a sudden, I see these two eyeballs, and they make eye contact with me,” Hall said. “She cocked her head, and I’m like, no.”

Not all chickens survive the grill, but this chicken was a rare egg-ception.

“I dashed back into my mother-in-law’s house, and I’m like, remember that chicken that I hit the other day?” Hall said. “She was like, yeah, like a week ago? I was like, yeah, well she’s in my car alive.”

Minutes later, hall’s mother-in-law came to the rescue with leather gloves and pulled the chicken out to safety. Hall decided to name her Miracle Chicken, “MC” for short.

“That’s a miracle, right?” Hall said. “Seven days in my grill? That’s a long time.”

MC is now living with two other chickens at hall’s family friend’s house. MC is no spring chicken, and she may have an injured wing, but hall said there’s no question she is the queen of the coop.

“And there she stands,” Hall said.

Hall said the grill of her car may be damaged, but that’s replaceable. She’s just glad MC made it out alive and is making an im-peck-able recovery.

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