Lubbock, Texas — The City of Lubbock Code Enforcement and Solid Waste teamed up to hold a deployment in the Bayless-Atkins neighborhood on Wednesday.

Code enforcement told that it does the deployments every second Wednesday of every month, varying in location.

The reasoning behind these, the Code Enforcement said, is to educate the public on the violation of regulations and codes for neighborhoods, especially when it comes to illegal dumping.

Stuart Walker Director of Code Enforcement said, “just to get folks familiar with our city services and our city ordinances and you know how things need to be in their neighborhoods.”

The code enforcement said they know the public needs to throw out items such as old mattresses and boxes, but they want to keep them out of the way and thrown out properly.

Coy Humphries, Code Inspector for the City of Lubbock, said if someone is caught doing a violation, they first will be notified to remove the items.

“If they don’t do that,” said Humphries, “we would have a contractor pick it up and there would be fees associated with that. Or if we went there out of a citation, it would be your standard class C, just like a speeding ticket.”

The code enforcement said if you have any questions or need assistance on where to take these bulky items, give them a call or visit their website here.