LUBBOCK, Texas— The City of Lubbock said in a press release that this time of year is the “perfect time to turn off your irrigation system.”

According to the press release, most lawns received about 1.5 inches of rain which is enough for lawns to thrive during spring and summer. 

“Irrigating or watering your lawn after it has already received 1.5 inches… will lead to runoff, water waste, and damage of roots from overwatering,” said the release. 

The city suggested using rain sensors or consider measuring the rain. 

Rain Sensors

  • Install a rain sensor that will automatically turn off the irrigation system when it detects a significant amount of rainfall.
  • Check the disk inside the rain sensor every spring and clean it out if it contains dirt or other debris to ensure your rain sensor is working properly.

Measuring Rain

  • Use a gauge to measure how much rain your lawn has received, if the gauge collects 1.5 inches of water or more, turn off your irrigation system to prevent overwatering. 
  • Contact to get a free gauge kit for your lawn.

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