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LUBBOCK, Texas — On November 5, 2021, Chad Read was shot and killed during a verbal altercation over child custody.

As of December 7, the shooter had not been identified by police or prosecutors. However, in multiple civil court documents, William “Kyle” Carruth was named as the person who shot and killed Chad.

Multiple civil lawsuits were filed against Kyle for the death, and the Lubbock County District Attorney’s Office recused itself due to Kyle’s connection to a local elected official. will continue to update this page as new developments happen in the case. Here is a timeline of developments so far.

November 5, 2021

2100 block of 90th Street (Nexstar/Staff)

The Lubbock Police Department responded to the 2100 block of 90th Street after a woman called just before 4:30 p.m. and said someone had shot and killed her husband. LPD said one person was found dead on the scene.

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November 6, 2021

LPD released the identity of the person who died as 54-year-old Chad Read. LPD also said it appeared “there was a verbal altercation between Read and another male related to a domestic incident that turned physical.”

LPD also said no arrests had been made, but the investigation was ongoing. The identity of the shooter was also not released, which is standard procedure by police when no one has been charged with a crime.

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November 9, 2021 obtained the police report for the incident. The report was four short lines, two of which were procedural. When contacted, an LPD spokesperson said it was “policy” for police reports in cases where investigative units are called out to contain minimal information.

Several sources indicated the shooter shared close ties with a State District Judge in Lubbock.

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November 10, 2021

LPD released a statement on the shooting after multiple media outlets raised questions about police transparency.

“While LPD recognizes there is public interest in this case, there are multiple facets of this on-going investigation that dictate what can and cannot be released to the public, per Texas state law,” the statement said.

LPD additionally said, because there was no direct and ongoing threat to the public, suspect information could not be released.

Just after 7:00 p.m., Lubbock County District Attorney Sunshine Stanek confirmed that the DA’s Office recused itself from the Chad Read case. The reason given was that a local elected official could possibly be called as a witness.

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November 16, 2021

LPD released a statement and said it had transferred all case files to the Texas AG’s Office.

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November 19 – 22, 2021

On November 19, the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reported State District Judge Ann-Marie Carruth filed an affidavit in her ongoing divorce case with William “Kyle” Carruth.

In the records, the judge reported under oath that her estranged husband was under investigation for the deadly shooting, according to

By Monday, those court records were sealed. Additionally, the sealing order itself was sealed. While divorce records are generally open in Texas, they can be sealed if there is a substantial interest against the records being open. Judge Carruth asked for the records to be sealed September 30 — before the fatal shooting occurred. The request said the records “do not involve matters that should be available to the general public.”

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November 24, 2021

Chad’s widow, Jennifer Read, released a cellphone video of the deadly confrontation. The video was released in conjunction with a petition to take custody of Chad’s children from his ex-wife Christina Read.

Left: Screenshot of video released by Jennifer Read, Right: Screenshot of video released by Kyle Carruth attorney David Guinn

The video showed a heated argument between Chad and Kyle before the shooting took place.

An affidavit written by Jennifer was also included as an exhibit for the petition. In the affidavit, Jennifer Read said, in her opinion, that Christina and Kyle “engaged in a conspiracy to assault and/or murder Chad that day.”

After the video was released, Kyle’s lawyer David M. Guinn provided a statement to and said the shooting was in self-defense.

Guinn said Chad threatened to take the gun from Kyle, and in doing so, posed an immediate threat.

“Raising his left leg, he was continuing his advance on Kyle, threatening him and posing an immediate threat. Kyle responded,” Guinn said. “This is a justifiable homicide.”

Additionally, Guinn released another video of the shooting taken from inside Kyle’s business.

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November 27, 2021

Jennifer Read and her attorney Matthew Harris spoke to ABC’s Good Morning America and explained why she released the video.

“It had been three weeks — nothing had been done. And I felt like the public needed to know. And I feel like Chad deserves justice,” she said.

Jennifer also explained that she initially thought the gun Kyle grabbed was a stun gun.

“I thought it was like a stun gun or a Taser gun or something like [that],” she told GMA. “Who’s going to bring out – they’re having a discussion about a custody thing. There’s no physical altercations. Who’s gonna bring a gun out? What? Why?”

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November 30, 2021

Jennifer Read filed a lawsuit against Kyle Carruth and his businesses for wrongful death. The lawsuit asked for $50 million.

The lawsuit claimed Kyle “interjected himself into the conversation” after Chad’s ex-wife, Christina Read, refused to tell Chad where his son was.

The lawsuit also said Kyle was neither standing his ground nor acting in self-defense.

“Kyle Carruth was the aggressor, who needlessly escalated an otherwise nonviolent situation, leading to the wrongful death of Chad Wayne Read,” the lawsuit said.

Later that day, State District Judge for the 237th District Court, Les Hatch, recused himself from presiding over Jennifer Read’s civil lawsuit.

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December 6, 2021

Jinx Read, Chad’s mother, as well as his three children, filed a lawsuit against Kyle Carruth and his businesses. The lawsuit accused Kyle of negligence for several things, including using deadly force when not justified, discharging a firearm “merely to threaten an individual,” failing to call authorities and failing to render aid.

Court records said Chad’s mother and children have “suffered mental and emotional anguish, including mental and emotional pain, torment and suffering, ultimately resulting from the death of a loving father and son and will continue to suffer such in the future.”

The lawsuit seeks punitive damages.

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December 7, 2021

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released a statement and said his office “has begun” a criminal investigation into the shooting death. The statement also said the AG’s Office would not comment on the case to protect its integrity.

“Our office has begun a criminal investigation into this shooting. During the pendency of any criminal investigation conducted by our office, we do not comment on the case to protect the integrity of the investigation,” the statement said. “Accordingly, we will not be commenting on the facts of this case.”

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