LUBBOCK, Texas – The Mandela Washington Fellowship program celebrated 24 graduates with a ceremony. 

Fellows from all across Africa came together for 6 weeks, to learn valuable skills that they are able to take home and apply in their careers. 

“It was great, but it was too short,” said Habibou Ouedraogo, Fellow from Burkina Faso with a career background in Health and Medicine, “When we were in like the fourth or third week, we just realized that time was passing by and then we were trying to enjoy it as much as possible.”

The program allowed the fellows to visit various organizations across Lubbock. 

“When I had the opportunity to visit some centers at the food banks, it really gave me so much joy and satisfaction impacting lives and contributing to the lives of those who do not have many, by giving them food,” said Oluwtosin Oke, Fellow from Nigeria with a career background in government and public advocacy. 

The fellows finished the program with a certification of completion from the Texas Tech University Provost, taking with them a bit of West Texas.

“The mayor actually made us all citizens of Lubbock, to make us feel like we’re not just visiting Lubbock, but you know, we’re gonna go with a piece of Lubbock as well,” said Lerato Phiri from Malawi with a career background in law. 

For more information on the Mandela Washington Fellowship program you can visit their website here.For more information on this year’s fellows you can click here.