LUBBOCK, Texas— Two Lubbock parents have finally received closure for their son’s death after his killer was found guilty of capital murder on Wednesday, September 28 in a McKinney courtroom.  

Phyllis Gant and Steven Gambles Sr. lost their son, Steven Gambles Jr., 32, in July 2021 after he was shot and killed during a robbery in Plano.

Gant is a community advocate in Lubbock. Gambles Sr. is an educator and local minister.

Gant said her son had a whole life to live before his “senseless” death.

“Steven was 32 years old. Never married. Never fathered any children. Had a beautiful young lady. They probably would have gotten married,” said Gant. “It was the most senseless, it was the most unfair, and it was the most ridiculous killing.”

According to’s affiliate KXAS, Gambles Jr. was meeting a friend for dinner at the Shops at Legacy when he passed by Jordan Jacobs, 25. Jacobs told his girlfriend he was going to rob Gambles Jr. as a punishment for looking at her.

Collin County prosecutors said Jacobs stole a gun from Gambles Jr.’s car. He pointed the gun at Gambles Jr. and shot him in the head when he would not cooperate. Officers found Gambles Jr. in his car with a single gunshot wound to the head.

“It was senseless,” agreed Gambles Sr. “He just happened to see my son and decided to rob him.”

Gant said she got a call from from her younger son, Marcus, and a Plano police officer telling her about the shooting.

“The officer told me there’s been a fatal shooting and we need you to come down and make an identification. Quite naturally, I lost my mind,” said Gant.

14 hours later, Jacobs was arrested, charged, with capital murder.

14 months later, Jacobs, was convicted by a Collin County jury.

Steven Gambles Sr. said he told Jacobs he forgave him during the trial.

“I took the stand and I spoke to him directly. I called out his name and then I told him that I forgave him,” said Gambles Sr. “Then I told him however much time he has on the earth, to prepare his heart to meet the Lord.”

Gant and Gambles Sr. told their son was a person who “lived out loud” and loved his family.

“He took pride in himself,” said Gant.

“When he was born, he put pep in my step and rockets in my pockets. It just gives you more meaning to life. He was such a beautiful loving child,” said Gambles Sr.