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LUBBOCK, Texas – After Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order mandating masks went into effect, more people began making and purchasing masks.

Dr. Victor Test Division Chief of Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center said knowing how to properly care and use masks during this pandemic is crucial.

“The main importance of [the] mask is to keep you from spreading the disease to other people when you’re asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic,” he said.

Dr. Test said masks should be worn covering the nose and the mouth. He said although masks do not guarantee perfect protection, it does help decrease the risk for the spread of the virus.

“Clearly we are trying to protect our loved ones our community,” he said, “I would do what I can to prevent [the spread of the virus] and if it’s 30 or 70 percent reduction of risk to my surrounding citizens, then that’s what I am going to do.”

He said those with fabric masks should wash them every day to keep them clean.

“When using a paper surgical mask, I have a couple three of them that I rotate, I put them on the dashboard of my car and letting the ultra-violent light get them,” he said.

Natalie Buxkemper, owner at Sewing Studio off South Loop and Quaker, said since the pandemic started, she’s seen a drastic increase in sewing machine sales due to a growing popularity in mask making.

She said she tries to educate her customers on the importance of choosing the right fabric. She recommends a double layer of at least a two hundred thread count fabric.

“What the science really shows is that you need to make sure that the fibers you have [are] a high quality cotton to use in the mask to filter out the particles,” she said.

Buxkemper said the other key to having the right mask is making sure it fits properly to each one’s face.

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