LUBBOCK, Texas — After being closed for more than eight months, The Shack BBQ announced over the weekend via Facebook that it will be reopening under new ownership.

Scott Stephenson, the previous owner of Jake’s Sports Cafe, will be taking charge of the restaurant – though he said he doesn’t plan to change anything.

“Our goal is not to make any changes because it was already fantastic,” said Stephenson. “It was already great food and I don’t know of anything else about it that I would want to change.”

Stephenson has been a long-time fan of The Shack. 

“I’ve been going to The Shack for the past five or six years and one of my cooks over at Jake’s kept telling me ‘Hey you gotta check in to The Shack,’” said Stephenson. “I never thought it would be possible, but they had such a great reputation.”

The previous owners were hit hard by the pandemic. However, they built an incredibly popular restaurant loved by many, so Stephenson wants to recognize all that they’ve done.

“We’ve got most of the same people that worked here agreeing to come back,” he said. “We’ve got the same recipes, the owner is coming back to help…both the owners, Kyle and Kelly both, they’re really the ones that made this and we want to give them the recognition that they deserve.”

The same cook and pitmaster are also on board with the plan – they’ve missed working at The Shack for a while now.

“For me it was just that I couldn’t go home, and just to come back home again, it feels so great,” said The Shack’s pitmaster Derrick Toon.

Now, they couldn’t be more excited to get back to work.

“The people, the smell, seeing their faces, it’s a real interactive job with the people and I miss everything about it,” said Jeff Wall, The Shack’s Opening Cook.

Stephenson said that he plans to open up the first week in April. They’ll be sure to make the official announcement on their Facebook page once it’s closer.