LUBBOCK, Texas — UMC’s Cancer Center getting a face lift all possible through the TLC2 Foundation.

The Passion Campaign has been in the works for over a year, to bring more resources that help cancer patients and their families as they battle through their journey.

“As we build a new Cancer Center building, we want this to be far more than just a building. We want this to be a place of the latest and greatest the highest technology, but also a place that is absolutely full of hope. People who are surviving cancer and battling cancer, they want more than technology. They want hope. They want support.” Mark Funderburk, President and CEO of UMC Health System.

This will not only help the communities of Lubbock but West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.

“This is something that West Texas, Eastern New Mexico deserves… it’s so important to be able to be treated at home or close to home without having to go 800 miles away. When you can go get your treatment at home and spend the night in your own bed. It’s just, mentally a big part of the battle.” Marc Mcdougal, Co-Chair of the Campaign with Dave Marshall Council, said.

Construction will start in 2023 and will open in late 2025.

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