LUBBOCK, Texas — Permanent makeup dates all the way back to the 1900’s and made its way to West Texas in the late 1900’s. A business in Lubbock called Permanent Makeup By Sandra talked to KLBK and Friday to help us to understand the idea.

“It was actually established here by my sister Martha Hernandez, which I’m very proud of. She actually is the first person who brought it to all of West Texas.” Sandra Morales, Owner of Permanent Makeup by Sandra, said.

Morales said the trend is now becoming more popular because of social media.

“… So many women take advantage of it because you wake up looking more beautiful and holding your head up higher.” Morales said.

The cosmetic procedure has evolved into different techniques thorughout the years.

“[It is] … available for all skin types, age types, and also for different likes, wants and needs. Now a lot of people are calling it semi-permanent cosmetics, because now there’s a way that we can do it more lightly on the skin” Morales said.

Morales told that permanent makeup also has some benefits.

“We can correct cleft palates. Very important that people also know that with permanent makeup, you can achieve a little bit more symmetry. If you’ve ever have a cleft palate or cleft palate repair. We also do a lot of clients with alopecia, the only thing that I cannot do is the people that are diabetic that are taking insulin.” Morales said.

How long does the healing process take and does it hurt?

  • Eyebrows take about 3 weeks to heal
  • Eyes take about 10 days to heal
  • Lips take about 3 weeks to heal

Morales said before anything is done, an assesment of the skin is done.

“We go over your lifestyles, and of course discuss medication, depending on all of those factors is the procedure that we can tell you what would be best for you.” Morales said.

“All of our pigments that I used on myself are vegan friendly.” Dulce Morales, apprentice under Permanent Makeup by Sandra, said.

If you’re interested in permanent makeup you can check out Permanent Makeup by Sandra here, by email at and by phone (806) 559-3781.