LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday, The United Family joined with One Voice Home, Voice of Hope and Open Door to kick off the Texas Blue Sand Project.

According to a press release from The United Family, the Texas Blue Sand Project brings awareness to the issue of human trafficking on the South Plains by spreading blue sand in the cracks of sidewalks. The blue sand represents how communities can prevent victims from falling through the cracks by raising awareness and education.

The month of January is recognized as Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

While supplies last, guests will find free packets of blue sand at all United Express locations across Lubbock.

On January 26, community members are asked to join in and spread the blue sand in the cracks of sidewalks across their communities. Community members can share a picture on social media with the #TXBlueSandProject.

In addition, The United Family said its continuing a sticker campaign to help raise awareness while also providing a lifeline to victims. The stickers will be placed in the bathroom of every store and fuel station across the United Family’s area of operation. It will include both a hotline number for victims to call and a number to text.

“Some people may see human trafficking as a problem that only happens in other parts of the world, but in reality, it also happens right here in our backyard,” said Angelos Lambis, director of fuel & convenience for The United Family in the press release. “Participating in the Texas Blue Sand Project and putting up these stickers are examples of something we can do to help. We are proud to once again join with these organizations to do our part in raising awareness.”

The United Family said this is the third year it has joined these local organizations in promoting the Texas Blue Sand Project.