LUBBOCK, Texas – Golf USA, 6701 Indiana Avenue, provided surveillance video to this week showing a break-in. Golf USA in Lubbock said stores in other cities have been the target of a similar crime.

The video from an April 3 incident showed a man cut a hole in the front door to reach in and unlock it. The video depicted him filling a trash can with items and then leaving. The video depicted him remaining calm as a burglar alarm goes off.

Use the video link above to watch. Golf USA asked anyone who recognizes the man in the video to please call Lubbock Police 806-775-2816 or call the store at (806) 795-6906.

Golf USA nearly two weeks ago released video of a theft and asked for public help. It worked. Golf USA was able to obtain information which was then turned over to Lubbock Police.

But that’s only one case. Golf USA was hit multiple times – suffering $23,000 in losses in the April 3 incident alone.

A plea for help on May 14 said, “If anyone knows who these people are please call the store … Thanks for your help.” The attached video showed two people plus a store employee.

The video depicted a woman on May 14 picking up a golf bag and leaving. The video depicted a man leaving with her.

“[She] walked in and grabbed a golf bag full of golf clubs and quickly walked out with it,” a police report said. “[They] got into a white Nissan Altima — fleeing the scene.”

Golf USA later said on its Facebook page, “We would like to thank every person who shared our video and left comments that might lead to an arrest. At this point we have solid information and have turned all evidence over to the police. Again, thank you very much.”

But there’s more. The police report said two people in a white Nissan Altima then tried to sell golf equipment to another Lubbock business. The equipment still had the Golf USA tags on it. So far, no arrests had been made.

Another case on March 24 from Golf USA bears some resemblance to the May 14 case. A police report in the March case said two people came into the store and stole golf clubs.

A portion of the police report on March 24 said, “S1 was described as a Hispanic female, heavyset in her 30’s wearing a blue Miami Dolphins t-shirt with blue jeans and white sneakers. S2 was a heavyset Hispanic male, also in his 30’s wearing a Texas Rangers ‘Odor’ jersey top, khaki shorts, black sneakers and a white Texas Tech baseball cap.”

They left in a white four-door car. Police have not yet said if the March 24 and May 14 incidents are related.