LUBBOCK, Texas — Brandon Lloyd, 22, was killed in an East Lubbock shooting on August 7, 2022. More than a year later, his stepmom, Stacie Rutherford, said authorities did not arrest everyone involved in her son’s death.

The Background

The Lubbock Police Department said officers were called for shots fired in the area of East 42nd Street and Avenue A. Lloyd was found with a gunshot wound and taken to University Medical Center where he passed away, LPD said.

According to a police report, Lloyd’s cousin told police they were walking when two suspects drove up to them. The report stated Lloyd’s cousin told officers the suspects “made a comment that he could not understand, so he asked them what they said.”

Lloyd’s cousin told police the suspects circled into a parking lot and drove back towards them. They heard gunshots and ran across 42nd Street. According to the report, Lloyd’s cousin said he realized he was shot and ran for help as the suspects left. Police initially said they were looking for two suspects, and later said a 17-year-old turned himself in “without incident.”

Police later asked for the public’s help finding two vehicles believed to be involved in the shooting. According to LPD, “Investigators believe at least one of the persons of interest may have ties to Slaton, while another my go by the name Drew.”

One Person Charged

Rutherford said the suspect, who was 16 at the time of the shooting, was charged with manslaughter after he turned himself in and sentenced to 13 years. Officials did not confirm those details because the suspect was charged as a juvenile. But Rutherford felt everyone involved should have been charged with murder.

“Brandon was shot in the chest … There were at least 10 or more bullet holes in the fence. So how was that not intentional?” Rutherford asked.

Rutherford said prosecutors initially told the victim’s family the teenager shot Lloyd with an assault-style rifle. She said an autopsy report later revealed it was a “small caliber bullet.” She questioned how the boy obtained the gun. Rutherford said, “Whoever got him that gun needs to be charged.”

Rutherford told their family heard stories that her son was set up, so they reported it to the tip line. But Rutherford said she felt her tips weren’t taken seriously.

She Said They Forgot

“[Officials] never kept in touch with any of us. They never answered our questions,” Rutherford told Lloyd’s family felt they were left in the dark throughout the investigation. Rutherford said, “They forgot about my son.”

Rutherford said she felt officials did not take the case seriously because Lloyd was a young Black man. She said if he was white, every person involved in the shooting would have been charged, instead of just one.

“They’re still out there living their lives, and they get to visit their family,” Rutherford said. “They get to celebrate holidays, but we have to visit a grave.”

Lloyd was described as outgoing and full of light. Rutherford said he loved football and his large family.

“Little Brandon was special. He was a dad, a brother and a son. He was somebody to us, and the LPD made us feel like he was nobody,” Rutherford said.

LPD Statement

Lubbock Police on Monday told, “If provided with additional information that others are involved, we will investigate that lead. We continue to ask for the public’s help with any new information related to the case.”

The LPD also provided the following statement:

The Lubbock Police Department conducts all investigations the same regardless of the race of a suspect or victim. The amount of effort and resources devoted to each case is also the same.

There is no place for racial discrimination in criminal investigations. 

Statement from LPD also reached out to the district attorney’s office. If more information is given, an update will be provided.

Anyone with information about the shooting can contact Crime Line at (806)-741-1000.