LUBBOCK, Texas — After searching for her missing daughter for more than a year, Lorrie Gray Kelso, the mother of Vicki Gray, learned Thursday that her daughter was the woman whose skeletal remains were found in a field back in May.

“It was devastating. It was absolutely devastating. When I saw [the police] when they knocked on my door, I knew. I already knew,” Gray Kelso said.

Vicki Gray, 38, had been missing since June 2019, and her family got the tough news this morning.
Police said that the cause of Gray’s death and what lead up to it remain unknown. When she first went missing, police named 31-year-old Timothy Edens as a person of interest in her disappearance, but the charges were never pressed against him.

At the time of her death, Gray had been homeless, and her mother said that she had gotten involved in drugs and the “wrong crowd.” But when she was herself, Gray Kelso said she was a kindhearted person who treated everyone like an old friend.

“When she was herself, she would do anything for anybody. Anything. She could be the sweetest person you ever met and yet the most stubborn too. She was bound and determined she was going to do what she wanted to do. No matter the cost. And this cost her her life,” Gray Kelso said.

Gray Kelso also said she would be starting a fund to raise money for the family to cover her daughter’s final expenses.

The Lubbock Metro Crimes Unit is also asking for anyone with information on what may have happened to Gray to call Detective Jordan Bonds at 806-300-6621 or Detective Yolanda Pena at 806-300-6714.