LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Forecaster Kathryn Campbell has your Friday evening weather update for May 21st, 2023.

Good evening! Happy Sunday; we’ve had some thunderstorms move into Lubbock county and several flash flood warnings for surrounding areas.

Tonight: Temperatures will drop to 58 degrees. We will have around a 40-50% chance of precipitation with SSE winds around 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow: The storms will continue to get this week kicked off. 83 Degrees will be our high here in Lubbock. There will be a 30% chance of precipitation. Skies will be partly cloudy with some sun peaking out for most of the day.

Monday night we will remain fairly warm with a low of 58 degrees. Tuesday will get up to 88 degrees in Lubbock. There will be late showers beginning around midnight. Winds will remain out of the south at a low speed of 5-10 mph.

Tuesday night’s low will bottom out to 58 degrees. Our high for Wednesday will be 82. Thunderstorms are likely for Lubbock and surrounding areas, Lubbock’s storms beginning around 1:00 P.M. Winds will be out of the southeast at 10-15 mph.

Thursday will have a low of 59 degrees and a high of 82 for the day. Thunderstorms are likely around 1:00 P.M.

Thursday night will be 60 degrees with a high of 84 for Friday. Skies will get more cloud coverage as we progress into the weekend. There will be a 30% chance of precipitation.

Friday night will be 60 degrees. Saturday will get up to 87 degrees with cloudy skies and a 10-20% chance of precipitation. Winds will move more eastern with with speeds increasing to 15-20 mph.

Sunday will get toasty with a low of 63 and a high of 92 degrees for the day. Skies will be mostly cloudy and another 10-20% chance of rain.

Enjoy the rain, it is a blessing!