FLOYDADA, Texas — Floydada ISD and Lockney ISD issued statements Thursday concerning “acts of violence” which happened August 18 in Floydada. Smart phone videos showed teenagers fighting and using a racial slur along with other name-calling.

Updated information was added below from Floydada Police.

A mom reached out to EverythingLubbock.com to say her son would be sitting out for four weeks of football season due to the injury he suffered in the fight.

Both schools announced extra security measures for the Lockney vs Floydada football game (at Floydada) on Friday evening.

Floydada ISD said there was “much criticism” that it did not take disciplinary action. But FISD said that is not correct. Discipline was measured out, but only to the extent allowed by policy and by state law.

“First and foremost, we do not condone nor support acts of violence in any setting or in any situation,” FISD said. “We definitely do not condone cowardly acts demonstrated during this incident.”

“With that said, there has been much criticism aimed toward the school district for not punishing those involved, which is extremely unsubstantiated,” FISD said, explaining that the school system cannot punish students when school was not in session. FISD also said the incident did not take place on school grounds, and it was not at a school activity.

Athletes were an exception because two-a-day practices already started.

“We also cannot reveal what disciplinary consequences are assigned to students or athletes,” FISD said.

Concerning the upcoming football game, Lockney ISD said, “Any person displaying poor citizenship or acting in a manner that takes away from the spirit of the game will not be allowed to stay.”

“Rivalries are a great part of Texas high school football,” LISD said. “If you cannot control your emotions and actions, please do not attend this game.”

“It is not a place for anything other than supporting your team and the students involved in the competition,” LISD said.

EverythingLubbock.com reached out to law enforcement for additional information. Floydada Police returned our call shortly after this story was published. Further information was then provided on Thursday afternoon.

Sergeant Marco Martinez said seven teenagers participated, and all seven face pending charges. Prosecutors, he said, would determine if the charges would be felony or misdemeanor. Two are old enough to be charged as adults. The other five would be charged as juveniles.

Martinez said the fight was about “an ex-girlfriend.” He said two teenagers had been talking over Snapchat, and they planned to meet in advance that evening to air their differences.

One student needed medical treatment after the fight, Martinez said, for moderate injuries.

Martinez also emphasized the presence of extra security measures for the varsity football game on Friday night, along with the JV game Thursday night.