Tim Siegel opens up about carrying on Luke’s legacy and fighting like he did

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LUBBOCK, Texas– Thursday marks three weeks since Luke Siegel passed away from COVID-19 complications on August 19, and now his father Tim Siegel looks to continue Luke’s legacy.

“I don’t know how I’m going to survive but I know I will,” said Tim. “I have a responsibility in my mind to continue Luke’s legacy and by helping other families.”

Back in 2015 Luke suffered serious brain injury in a golf cart crash, and since then he and Tim have impacted the lives of families through the Team Luke Hope For Minds nonprofit.

“In the past I was able to talk about Luke in the present, and I haven’t yet talked to a family about Luke in the past” said Tim. “I know this is my calling and I will continue to do this until I take my last breath.”

Over the past six years Luke has inspired so many from Texas Tech athletes – including Patrick Mahomes – to Drew Brees and others across the country.

“I am well aware Luke is inspiring a lot of people, but I’m really unaware of how many,” said Tim. “I will keep reminding people to fight like Luke and remember the number three because that was his number.”

Tim says he is still learning to find comfort in the loss of Luke and Sunday football watch parties won’t be the same, but Tim is looking to reconnect with his wife and daughters. To him it’s about spending time with his family and working each day to keep Luke’s memory alive.

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