LUBBOCK, Texas — Tim Siegel with “Team Luke Hope for Minds” said on Tuesday that he is excited to see Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes represent his family’s cause during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Mahomes will sport a “Team Luke Hope for Minds” bracelet, which Siegel said he does every game.

“When Patrick told me that he would wear the Team Luke Hope for Minds’ bracelet at every game,” Siegel began, “every game he plays, I watch because I want to see that. It’s both comforting and I just feel a sense of pride.”

Siegel shared that he and his 9-year-old son Luke had been fans of Patrick Mahomes since the Chiefs quarterback played for Texas Tech, but things changed when Luke suffered a traumatic brain injury from a golf cart accident in 2015.

This year, Siegel will be watching the big game without Luke, who passed away from COVID complications in 2021.

“Bringing awareness to our organization is so important because we need to raise over $1 million every year to support families in need. We get an application almost every single day,” Siegel explained. “The pain, the overwhelming sadness and devastation that parents feel- they are comforted knowing that we are able to help them.”

He added, “Something small [like] Patrick Mahomes wearing that bracelet, really isn’t small at all to us.” And the impact goes both ways.

Luke SIegel in wheelchair with eyes closed next to a smiling Patrick Mahomes

“Patrick also dedicated a park in Kansas City, and when he did that, a week after Luke passed away, he mentioned that Luke is the reason why he started his 15 and the Mahomies Foundation,” Siegel recalled. “So, he has made such an impact on Patrick, and of course, Patrick made an incredible impact on Luke. It’s just one of those relationships that will continue forever.”

The Siegel family said that they will be tuned in on Sunday.

“We’ll be watching and just feeling the emotion of every single play. I just can’t wait to see how he does.”

This will be the third Super Bowl Mahomes has worn the Team Luke Hope for Minds’ bracelet, about which Siegel added, ‘means the world’ to his family.

For more on how to give back to the cause, visit “Team Luke Hope for Minds” page.