LUBBOCK, Texas — The city of Lubbock announced on February 16 that there will be a memorial plaza in honor of TJ Patterson, the first Black person to be elected to the Lubbock City Council.

Outside of Citizens Tower would be a bell, blossoming tress and TJ Patterson’s name on the city parking garage.

“It’ll remind [people] of maybe he taught them at Tech or have them at Mary and Mac private school or came to the school, spoke to them or sat and listened to some of the concerns that they had, or stood and fought for them. For what he thought was right, and for what they thought was right, I guarantee,” said Patterson’s daughter, City Councilwoman Shelia Patterson-Harris.

Patterson Harris said this was her fellow council member Steve Massengale’s idea.

“My dad meant so much to me and just the idea that every time. I pass this way I can [be] reminded of everything that he taught me that he placed inside of me. Everything he stood for, and that for everyone that he cared about and wanted so much for,” Patterson Harris, said.

Patterson said if the beloved leader was here to see the plaza, he would say “I’m just TJ. And I just want the best for the people who live in Lubbock, Texas, USA.”