A Lubbock family was displaced after a structure fire leveled a trailer home in Southwest Lubbock County Wednesday. 

Wolfforth, Woodrow and West Carlisle volunteer firefighters responded to the 9600 block of County Road 7640 just before 12:30 p.m. 

(Image above by Nexstar/Staff.  Image below courtesy of Joey Lee Hernandez) 

9600 block of County Road 7640 (Courtesy, Joey Lee Hernandez) 

After the trailer fire quickly spread to the grass behind the house, other mobile homes in the area were at risk. Texas A&M Forest Service was requested on scene. 

Several hours later, officials confirmed 85 percent of the fire was contained and the immediate threat was over. No injuries reported. 

The homeowners told EverythingLubbock.com they were out of town for work at the time. However, their dog and two house cats were inside. The dog were rescued, but they cannot find their cats and do not believe they made it. 

“A lot of people came to help,” Homeowner Chuck Cooper said. “People get a lot of things in life. They put them in their house but what matters is what we have right here, your family. Material things can be replaced, always.”