LUBBOCK, Texas — Spartan Public Transportation is offering free rides for people going to get vaccinated.

“We want to contribute as much as possible for folks who want to get the vaccine,” said Brian Baker, Director of Transportation for Spartan Rural Public Transit.

In addition, he said there are no age or physical ability requirements to access the no-cost service. However, passengers must reside outside of the City of Lubbock and live within one of their 17 transit districts.

He said those unable to exit the bus to walk longer distances would have an opportunity to get vaccinated from inside the bus.

“So occasionally and if required, we will be able to take folks and then stay in the vehicle if a drive-through service is offered,” said Baker.

Liz, a 20-year bus driver with the company, said this will help a lot of her passengers.

“A lot of people really appreciate the ride because they don’t have vehicles. They don’t have family and we are their family; we take care of them,” she said.