LUBBOCK, Texas — The South Lubbock home of Selena Anne Green, 49, a woman accused of child endangerment, was described as “appalling” in court documents obtained by on Monday.

Jail records showed Green was arrested by the U.S. Marshall Services in the 9700 block of Rochester Avenue on Friday. Court records said the arrest came from a May 9, 2022, incident when officers were called to the same home for a missing child. Officers found the child down the road and took her back to Green’s home, according to court documents.

“[Green’s] residence was appalling,” court documents stated. “There was trash, clothing, broken furniture, foods, liquids, and animal feces…”

According to court records, the home was so dirty it was “impossible to step on the actual floor.”

The children’s rooms were described as “filthy” in a redacted report from the Lubbock Police Department. Court records said some mattresses had no covers, there were power tools plugged in within reach of the kids and medicine bottles laying around the house.

One of the victims started having a “medical episode” while officers were in the home. Court records said Green initially refused to have officers call EMS, but EMS was called anyways.

Green was charged with 7 counts of Knowingly Abandoning/Endangering a Child with Criminal Intent or Negligence. She was taken to the Lubbock County Detention Center and initially had a $50,000 bond. As of Monday, Green was no longer listed at LCDC.