LUBBOCK, Texas — The trial for a man accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old Lubbock girl and taking her to Michigan was postponed so the court could complete a psychological evaluation, according to court documents filed Friday.

The trial for Thomas Boukamp, 21, was set to start Tuesday. However, on Friday, the prosecution put in a request to have Boukamp examined before trial to test for sanity and competency.

While the prosecution still believes Boukamp is competent enough to stand trial, it admits Boukamp has shown “reasonable cause” that he isn’t.

“While the government concedes Boukamp has reached the low standard of ‘reasonable cause,’ the government does not believe Boukamp is incompetent or was insane at the time of the offense,” court documents said.

The judge in the case accepted this request and postponed the trial until the evaluation can be completed, according to court documents.