The following is a press release from Trinity Christian School:

LUBBOCK, Texas (PRESS RELEASE) — As Trinity Christian School begins its 45th year, they are excited to share that they now have two Endowments!

An Endowment is an investment fund that provides ongoing income while preserving capital for future generations. Endowments are typically designated for a specific purpose, such as financial aid, facilities, or faculty.

The first Endowment, the Excellence In Education Endowment, was established by TCS founders Bill and Joyce Herron in 1991 and has exceeded $1,000,000!

The Herrons envisioned the Endowment as a way to keep tuition rates reasonable and competitive for the future. This Endowment will live on as a lasting legacy for qualified students whose parents desire to prioritize Christian education for their families.

The second Endowment, the 3:23 Endowment, was gifted to TCS as an anonymous gift of $1,000,000 for their Athletic Program. It will help attract, develop, and retain the highest quality faculty in an increasingly competitive environment.

As they look ahead, TCS is poised to continue to grow and flourish while remaining committed to academic excellence and a Biblical worldview. These Endowments, along with the financial support from their TCS families and donors, continue to help ensure future generations of students will have access to an excellent Christian education while providing long-term financial stability to TCS.

TCS Superintendent, Stephen Cox shares, “Endowments like these enhance our ability to secure TCS’ financial foundation for the long-term. They also are a great reminder that His Kingdom is ever expanding, and we need to expand our vision of what is possible. Ultimately, our vision is to make it possible for every family to choose an educational environment for their children that is immersed in a biblical worldview, regardless of their financial circumstances.”

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(Press release from Trinity Christian School)