TTU Interfraternity Council places social moratorium on large gatherings

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The Texas Tech University Interfraternity Council on Monday placed a social moratorium on all large social gatherings through September 24.

The announcement comes after weekly discussions among all 22 fraternity chapter presidents in regards to minimizing the spread of COVID-19 as campus reopens this fall.

IFC President Brayden Cook, said they expect a second wave of coronavirus cases in the fall.

“We want to kind of get ahead, and if we could not have parties or really any type of social events and keep them to a low number,” he said, “then I think we can help stop the spread, in kind of doing our part.”

According to IFC advisor Frea Bender, the decision was a collaboration by the student presidents.

“Our students have not waited for university direction,” she said. “They took this step themselves to do what they can to keep their peers safe and the greater Lubbock community safe.”

Though their recruitment process looks different, they have been able to reach incoming students through social media.

“I think we are up in numbers right now,” Cook said. “We moved a lot of stuff to social media and reaching kids that way especially with the new generation coming through, so it’s really worked out well.”

Bender said the situation is allowing students to establish deeper connections through intimate gatherings rather than at large events.

“Gen-Z is online, so we are seeing a lot of gaming, interaction via zoom, Netflix watch parties,” she said, “and so that’s been really cool to show the emotional connection and the support system that our students have for one another.”

All of the current members and incoming students have taken a positive outlook on a new situation. The fraternity presidents are holding each other accountable and will meet prior to the ending of the social moratorium to make sure they are continuing to do their part in slowing the spread.

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