TTU K-12 offers tuition-free virtual schooling to Texas residents

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LUBBOCK, Texas — As schools across the South Plains open their classrooms back up to students this week, TTU K-12 will continue offering virtual schooling as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

TTU K-12 has been around since 1993, but Interim Superintendent Dr. Justin Louder said this year its enrollment numbers have tripled.

“Hundreds of students applied for our program,” said Dr. Louder, adding that “some local districts aren’t providing a virtual option and some parents want that.”

Department Chair of Family Medicine Dr. Ron Cook said the COVID-19 Delta Variant has proven to be more infectious, especially in younger generations.

“When these adolescents and young adults return to school without mandates for masking, then it becomes an issue,” said Dr. Cook.

This year, the TTU K-12 program has around 2,100 students enrolled. Dr. Louder says the schooling is more than just a COVID outlet and this year, families are given the ability to sign their kids up free of charge.

“This year is the first time TTU K-12 has ever received state funding,” said Dr. Louder, “meaning we were tuition-based up until this point, but this year we can actually offer a tuition-free program to Texas residents.”

TTU K-12 is hoping to be a beneficial partner to local school districts moving forward. There is currently a waiting list for the fall semester, and you can head to their website for more information.

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