LUBBOCK, Texas- In light of Texas Tech University’s 100-year anniversary, the Museum of Texas Tech said on Thursday its Centennial Exhibition is now open.

The Centennial Exhibition features five galleries that represent different facets of Texas Tech’s history, like its athletics program, schools, and notable historians.

“People seem to appreciate it and enjoy what they’re seeing, and probs surprised at all the exhibits in one place at one time,” said Andrew Gedeon, Exhibit Manager for the Museum of Texas Tech.

The Exhibition offers more than 15,000 square feet of memorabilia, museum officials shared.

“We have our main gallery, which is focused on the Texas Tech architecture, its inspiration, its elements and its features within campus,” Gedeon explained.

The executive director of the museum, Dr. Aaron Pan, said more will be added to these exhibits.

“Even as you go through 100 years, 100 voices Exhibit… Right now, it highlights 20 people, but that will rotate because it’ll actually showcase every single person that’s part of that Centennial book,” Dr. Pan described. “This will be up all year for the celebration, and we’re excited to be part of it.”

The Centennial Exhibition runs through December 23, 2023, and museum admission is free.