LUBBOCK, Texas — Property owners in Lubbock County had until midnight on Tuesday to pay their property taxes, the Lubbock Central Appraisal District said.

With several people making last-minute payments on Monday and Tuesday, Tim Radloff the Chief Appraiser Administrator for the district, said the majority of homeowners probably have mortgages, so their taxes are likely paid through their Escrow accounts. However, others go a different route.

Nick Gentry is homeowner in town and said when it comes to property taxes this year, he’s not surprised that homes in Lubbock County are still appreciating in value.

“It goes up a couple hundred dollars every year,” Gentry shared.

Radloff added, “There were not very many homes on the market this past year. I think you had competitive bidding on properties and the cost of building materials was going up, therefore driving the price of the construction of homes up.”

Gentry, like many others, paid his property taxes before the deadline.

For those who miss it, Radloff began, “There will be a penalty and interest in the amount of 7% [that] will be added to their payment. Then, each month thereafter, they’ll have an additional amount of penalty and interest added to the taxes owed, and it’s based off of what their base taxes are.”

For those who still need to pay, “They either write a check, mail it into us, or they stop by and make a payment; or they pay in cash or online – either through an eCheck or use their credit card to make their payment,” Radloff explained.

As long as their payments are postmarked by midnight on Tuesday, property owners will not face penalties or interest.