LUBBOCK, Texas — The owners at Tumbleweed & Sage Coffee house said they were “robbed” of a second location at the South Plains college downtown location due their beliefs and affiliation with Jane’s Due Process.

Tumbleweed & Sage Coffee house has been operating out in Wolfforth for 3 years and were given the chance to open a second location.

“We were approached at the beginning of the year… to open a second location inside the new South Plains College downtown campus. It was going really well, we had our first meeting, we told them upfront who we were and what we believe in. We’re very inclusive shop, we consider ourselves a brave space where we do talk about some things that make people uncomfortable, you know, sex education, women’s hygiene, women’s rights and LBGTQ matters,” Destiny Adams, co-owner of Tumbleweed & Sage Coffee house, said.

Adams said SPC officials told them they believed in some of the same things and the coffee house would be a great addition.

Adams told that the college wanted them to be up and running by February 1. She quickly got busy hiring baristas and buying equipment.

She said within a week, it all changed.

“They told us Saturday morning, hey, this may be an issue. Let’s take a look at it. And right away we had attorneys involved in we were trying to come up with a resolve, being like, you know, we’re not going to hand out anything on that campus. That is y’all’s job as a public school. We went back and forth. And at the end of the day, they were like ‘our decision is already made by our Board of Regents for us to bring in extra income, And I’m very sorry, but we’re going to terminate your contract immediately,'” Adams said.

In a social media post, the coffee shop said, “We had no intention of handing out plan b or contraceptives at this location.” The owners said they made their beliefs “very clear” to college officials before they were handed the keys. reached out to South Plains College for a statement.

“South Plains College has no comment,” Myrna Whitehead, Spokesperson for South Plains College, said.

In light of the situation, Adams said she wants to make something positive out of it and she’s decided to put together a West Texas Womens Rally on February 4, 2023. She plans to gather feminine hygiene products, contraceptives, diapers, formula, prenatal vitamins and more to “give to women who can’t access these basic necessities.”

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