LUBBOCK, Texas — Tumbleweed & Sage Coffeehouse teamed with Jane’s Due Process to offer free Plan B kits inside the coffeehouse.

Jane’s Due process is a non profit organization that helps minors access reproductive services when they can’t get parental consent.

“We decided Lubbock, because there’s a large population there, and at the time, there wasn’t a good way for teens to access birth control confidentially.” Graci D’Amore, Program and Operations manager for Jane’s Due Process said.

D’Amore said they launched their program in the South Plains in 2021, but did not have a physical location for people to go to.

“Access is just incredibly difficult now, if not completely gone. And so we really want to make access where we can.” D’Amore said.

Jane’s Due Process reached out to Tumbleweed & Sage Coffeehouse, and their partnership was in the works a few days later.

“I’m my very own boss and I knew that this was the right decision to have I have this in my shop, especially because of the overturning of Roe versus Wade.” Destiny Adams, owner of Tumbleweed & Sage Coffeehouse said.

The kits are completely free and discrete, the organization said.

“Everything in the kit includes condoms, Plan B, of course, pregnancy tests and a little guide on how to and other resources where you can reach out to people that will help you if you’re in need of any type of assistance in that way,” Adams said.

Since the launch of the partnership, Adams said some kits were already picked up.

“All you have to do is walk into our bathroom, grab a bag from her little cabinets or in a basket that we have. And walk on out.” Adams said.

She wants people to know that this is completely anonymous and are available in both of her restrooms so they are available at any time the shop is open.

“I would never know until the end of the day when I go to restock. And then I do a little happy dance knowing that we help someone who needed it.”

If you need a free plan B kit you can go to Tumbleweed & Sage Coffeehouse. If you aren’t able to physically go you can call or text Jane’s Due Process at 866-999-5263.