LUBBOCK, Texas– State regulators sued a Central Lubbock apartment complex on behalf of a Lubbock man for up to $100,000, court records said. The complex did not, according to the Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division, accommodate his disability when he signed his lease in October 2019.

In October 2019, the man, who was a disabled veteran, required a wheelchair and said he listed in his renter application for Coronado Crossing, 3333 Toledo Avenue, that he was disabled, according to court records.

About the same time, the man made a request in-person for reasonable accommodations, such as a grab bar in the bathroom, emotional support animals and a handicap-accessible parking space close to his apartment, court records said.

[Image of Coronado Crossing apartments taken by Nexstar staff]

According to court records, the complex did accommodate the man’s requests for grab bars and emotional support for animals in a “timely manner.”

However, the man was not accommodated on his request for a handicapped parking space, court records said.

After nearly two months, the complex designated a “Reserved Parking Space” handicap parking space for the entire complex. That did not solve the man’s original request, because court records said the parking spot was “often occupied by other tenants, visitors, or apartment complex service vehicles.”

The requests for an accommodated parking space continued over the course of 10 months, court records said, or that the man’s lease be terminated so he could get housing that could provide said accommodations.

Due to the tenants of the complex not providing the man’s accommodations, court records said he was forced to move out at “significant personal expense.”

The man filed a complaint with the TWC in September 2020. The TWC then filed a lawsuit on Wednesday in State District Court.

Coronado Crossing has not yet filed its side of the story in court records. left a message for the manager. We will update this story if the manager chooses to comment.