LUBBOCK, Texas — On Thursday, two people were arrested and accused of illegally street racing in the area of the 9800 block of Indiana Avenue.

A Lubbock Police Department officer got behind a white Tesla and a Dodge Challenger at a stoplight at the intersection of 108th Street and Indiana, according to the police report.

When the light turned green, the Tesla and Challenger accelerated at a high rate of speed southbound in an attempt to out accelerate each other, the police report said.

After the Tesla rapidly applied its brakes, the officer turned on his police lights and conducted a traffic stop on the Tesla, the police report stated.

The driver of the Tesla, Steven Slay, said he was not trying to race the driver of the Challenger, Julissa Hernandez, because if he were, he would have been “gone”, according to the police report.

Another officer pulled over the Challenger and both drivers were arrested, with their cars being towed to Lubbock Wrecker.

Both drivers have been released on bond.