LUBBOCK, Texas– Two men were arrested by the Lubbock Police Department after a police report said they were racing on South Loop 289 Monday.

At approximately 10:40 p.m., officers received reports from a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter of two vehicles that appeared to be racing, the report said.

The DPS helicopter said the vehicles were both traveling eastbound on South Loop 289 between Quaker Avenue and Slide Road. According to the report, the vehicles were going approximately 140 mph.

DPS then requested police units.

Both vehicles continued racing along Loop 289 headed north, then back west.

An LPD officer entered onto North Loop 289 from Interstate 27 just as both vehicles passed by.

The officer attempted to catch up to both vehicles, which were still going over 100 mph, the report said. DPS continued providing updates of the vehicles’ location. The officer saw both vehicles near Clovis Highway before exiting Slide Road.

The officer was finally able to get both vehicles to pull over and asked for both drivers to turn their vehicles off and throw their keys out the window.

Police then arrested both men, Shaheen Alleheibat and Ethan Longhenry, for racing on a highway, according to jail records.

It was not immediately clear if both men remained in jail Thursday.