LUBBOCK, Texas — We all know know that Lubbock is a hub for lovers of barbecue and Buddy Holly. But apparently, it’s also a hub for pie, according to a new article from Southern Living.

The owner and head baker of the Cast Iron Grill were featured as pie experts in an article on tips for baking Thanksgiving pies and whether or not you should refrigerate them.

“We were so honored when [the writer] called and asked if we would talk about Thanksgiving pies and the ‘dos and don’ts’ … It’s an honor because we love what we do and for someone to recognize that is too cool,” said Teresa Stephens, owner of the Cast Iron Grill. “That’s a dream for any owner.”

Stephens and head baker Ashlee Wickenden said they were surprised and humbled to be highlighted in the national magazine. However, they do have an inkling as to why their pies have been so popular over the years. It’s not just a dessert — they’re serving up nostalgia and a memory with every slice.

“We have a lot of people that come in, they’re just like, ‘Oh man, that buttermilk, I haven’t had one of those since my grandma, my grandma made one just like that,'” Wickenden said.

Currently, the team is working on making 500 pies for the day before Thanksgiving. If you want to try one of their famous pies, they suggest you order one early in the morning at around breakfast time to secure your slice.

But If you want to make pies like these at home, here are some of their quick hints:

“Anything with heavy cream, cream cheese, whatnot, you need to refrigerate. From the time you finish it, it needs to go in the refrigerator,” Stephens said.

The same goes for any pies topped with whipped cream. Fruit pies should not be refrigerated, along with pecan pies — they will lose their flavor.

Pumpkin pie can last for about a day outside of the refrigerator.

And their biggest baking tip?

“Follow the recipe,” Wickenden said, laughing.