LUBBOCK, Texas — Matthew Thomas C. Courtney, 48, of Lubbock accepted a plea agreement Monday for two bank robberies.

Police previously charged him in connection with the robbery of City Bank, 601 University Avenue, which occurred on February 21. Police had not yet publicly tied him to the robbery of Aim Bank, 6502 Slide Road, on February 24.

Courtney admitted that he went into the City Bank wearing a black jacket with a fur-lined hood.  He approached a teller, who instructed him to remove the hood, according to court records.  Courtney refused.  A second bank employee also instructed him to remove the hood.  

Instead, according to court records, Courtney handed the teller a note with the word “robbery” on it.  Courtney told the teller, “just give me all your money,” or words to that effect.   The City Bank teller gave up an amount of money that was not listed in court records.

Courtney admitted that he went into the Aim Bank and handed the teller with a bag and a piece of cardboard.  In front of the teller, according to court records, he wrote on the cardboard, “You’re getting robbed.”

The teller handed over money. A specific amount was not listed in court records.

Court records filed separately by Lubbock Police said officers were able to track down Courtney’s getaway driver in the City Bank robbery.  She had no idea he was robbing the bank according to the previous court records. All she knew is that she was giving Courtney a ride to the bank.

Based on her statement, police were able to find and arrest Courtney.

Technically, state charges are still pending against Courtney.  He has been in the Lubbock County Detention Center since February 25.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, he will be sentenced at a later date to no more than 20 years in prison on both counts.

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