LUBBOCK, Texas – Lubbock Fire Rescue responded to a fire off of 14th Street and Avenue T just before 9:00 a.m. on Thursday.

The house at the location was intact while the garage located behind the home was on fire.

Tony Martinez, a former resident of the home, was on the scene when the fire broke out. He said he was on the phone with the landlord when the chaos started.

“I saw a puff of smoke in the back and then it got bigger,” he said. “I saw one guy run out and then the person behind him ran out and that person was on fire, the back side of the person was on fire.”

He said the two people ran away and later came back to seek medical attention.

Martinez said the landlord had been having problems with homeless people going into her property.

“Shes trying to get a fence put around,” he said. “We have chased a few of them out of there a few times.”

He said this type of incident has also happened to the house next door.

“There was a house here not too long ago, same thing happened,” he said. “An old man passed away and homeless moved into it and it burnt down.”

LFR said an investigation into the fire is still ongoing.