LUBBOCK, Texas — On Saturday, Lubbock Police were called to the 3900 block of Avenue Q. at 10:39 p.m.  Two people had come to that location to call for help after an incident that happened somewhere else.

A police report said an ex-girlfriend’s disgruntled current girlfriend threatened a man and woman by pulling a gun on them and saying, “Your family is going to have to make you a t-shirt by morning.”

The threat seemed to be a reference to previous vigils in Lubbock in which participants have worn t-shirts in memory of a victim. 

According to one of the victims, the police report said, there had been a child custody dispute earlier in the day between him and his ex-girlfriend, resulting in police being called and the kids leaving with their mother. 

Later, he was visiting family near the residence of his ex-girlfriend’s current girlfriend.  According to the police report, he said he went to her house to check on the kids, resulting in her pulling the gun.

The victims believed they were in imminent danger of being shot. According to a police report there were no injuries. After the threat, they left the area to call police, and the woman with the gun was not located.

Lubbock Police Department confirmed in an email Friday morning there were no updates.