What started with a routine call for a stolen vehicle turned into quite the adventure for Lubbock Police.  When asked about it on Tuesday, the city released information about two rattlesnakes that were confiscated back on September 6.

Police found a stolen vehicle in the 2800 block of 35th Street.  Officers asked for a search warrant and arrested four people for outstanding warrants. 

In addition to those four, police said, “One person, 26-year-old Leonel Rios, was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.”

Everything seemed routine until one of the officers asked for help to deal with “a pet rattlesnake.” It turns out, police found two rattlesnakes in the home.  

Police said, “During the search, officers located two rattlesnakes in a terrarium.”

Lubbock Animal Services came to the home to help police.  Animal control says it is never legal in the city to have rattlesnakes or other venomous snakes as pets.

Animal control on Tuesday said there will be a dangerous animal hearing and chances are the snakes will not go back to the home in Central Lubbock.

Instead, animal control will look for an appropriate sanctuary to take them.  

Rios remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center, not for keeping snakes, but, for burglary of a habitation. 

Image of Leonel Manuel Rios from Lubbock Co. Detention Center