LUBBOCK, Texas – Early Monday afternoon, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) got a head start by pre-treating the roads. In addition to Monday’s work, TxDOT had crews on standby ready to clock in as early as midnight to help out on the roads.

As for school cancellations, the Lubbock ISD (LISD) administration will also have an early morning, driving around the city to check the conditions before making a final decision before 6 a.m. Tuesday.

“We haven’t had a winter storm yet so far this year, so we really want to caution drivers to take it slow,” said Dianah Ascensio, TxDOT public information officer.

With a chance of snow Tuesday, TxDOT crews were prepared to be up at the crack of dawn. 

“Our crews are planning to come back out tonight around midnight and start their 12-hour rotation shifts,” Ascensio said. “As long as we have winter weather, we will have crews out treating pre-treating, re-treating, plowing snow, whatever needs to be done while the storm is in the area.”

Even though the roads have been pre-treated, TxDOT said that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the clear.

“Be aware that if it’s going to be freezing, that we are going to have snow or ice or rain on the roadway, so conditions may be slick,” Ascensio said. “Slow down, drive to conditions, especially as you approach bridges and overpasses because those are the parts of the roadway that tend to freeze first.”

LISD officials will have an early morning wake up call as well, taking off around 4:00 a.m. Tuesday to look at how much snow is on the ground and if they see any ice on roads and overpasses.

“We will have a team that drives different parts of the city and checks the roads and the overpasses,” said Dr. Kathy Rollo, LISD Superintendent. “Then we will have a call at 5 a.m. and determine what our next steps will be whether that’s to go as usual, delay school or cancel school.”

The district’s team approach and close contact with the National Weather Service is how Rollo said LISD chooses to move forward with a decision.

“We try to make the decision that’s best for students and staff and parents, so that we can still provide education, but we want to make sure we can do it safely,” Rollo said.

Rollo said an announcement will be made before 6:00 a.m. Tuesday on whether school will be delayed, canceled or resumed as normal. Remember, if there are any cancellations or delays, we’ll have them on