LUBBOCK, Texas – Car seat safety is extremely important, but it’s just as important to get them inspected to make sure they’re working correctly and installed properly.

This comes after a fatal crash in Littlefield killed the two people who were riding in the front. However, a 5-year-old and 2-month-old baby girl survived. They were both in secured car seats. Thankfully, the two-month-old was left unharmed.

The Texas Department of Transportation teamed up with Safety City on Friday to provide free check ups and teach parents or caregivers how to determine if their child is in the proper car seat based on their age and size.

Certified car seat technicians looked out for expiration dates from the manufacturer and spoke to parents/caregivers about the history of the car seat. Typically, a car seat will expire within six to ten years. If it has been through a car wreck, it must be replaced to ensure no internal damage.

Karen Mitchell with TxDOT said, “There are programs here in the city that are free of charge that they can come get a car seat and get educated on how to install it correctly.”

One of those programs is at Lubbock’s Parenting Cottage. Two car seat technicians at the event Friday explained they have classes, and that info can be found on their website. Parents and caregivers will receive a car seat to take home with them.

For child passenger safety week next month, TXDOT will host Seat Belt Saturday on September 24. A location is still yet to be determined. To stay updated check their website often.