UFC fighter Mike Perry caught on video in Lubbock saying N***** and punching a man

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A viral video depicted UFC fighter Mike Perry using a racial slur outside a Lubbock restaurant Tuesday evening. The video also depicted Perry hitting a man.

A police report confirms there was a disturbance outside Table 82 at 4210 82nd Street.

In the video, a young woman was walking with Perry and urging him to leave. He only got so far when he stopped.

“I’ll just wait right here,” he said in the video. “Ya’ll callin’ the cops because I’ll stay.”

“Go!” the young woman told him.

After a moment of heated discussion, the video depicted Perry hitting an older man in the face.

A police report does not provide the name of a suspect but instead refers to S1 (suspect 1). The police report matches up to the video and national news outlets have identified the man in the video has Perry.

The police report quoted a witness: “He heard [Perry] punch [the man] and heard [the man’s] head hit the concrete.”

Another man who just happened to be Black stepped in.

“Back off N*****!” Perry screamed. “Back the f*** up!”

He repeated a moment later. “N*****, f*** you, N*****!”

“[Perry] stated [the victim] approached him and grabbed his face and shirt so [Perry] struck [the victim],” the police report said. The video is not clear on Perry’s account.

The police report did not indicate Perry was arrested. The man Perry hit in the video was taken to a hospital.

LAS VEGAS, NV – AUGUST 20: Mike Perry waits for the start of his welterweight bout against Hyun Gyu Lim (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

“I asked [the victim] if he could tell me what happened. [The victim] initially did not have recollection of the incident. After speaking with [the victim’s wife] for a couple of minutes, [the victim] started to remember pieces,” the police report said.

Perry was given a criminal trespass warning according to a second police report. That means, if he comes back to Table 82, he can be arrested for trespassing.

Embedded below is the video. WARNING: The video contains vulgar language and violence. Viewer discretion is advised before pushing the play button.

CORRECTION: The day has been corrected in the first sentence.

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