LUBBOCK, Texas – University Medical Center Health System’s brand new Family & Children’s Clinic located between 98th Street and Frankford Avenue opens Monday. The Facility is fully equipped with leading edge technology also includes a new approach to patient services. One of the more notable features includes a drive-thru care option. 

UMC Physicians Corporate Medical Director Dr. Craig Barker said UMC has taken a lot under consideration over the level of care and needed practices from the pandemic. 

“During the COVID pandemic, as you saw in Lubbock, we changed a lot of the things we had to do,” Dr. Barker said. “There are a few things that we can do through the window of a car – some immunizations, some strep tests, flu tests, a few things like that … We can do some upper respiratory quick investigation, somebody can come in, schedule an appointment, or come in for a quick test. They can get it online on the portal, or they can wait and get the answer here.”

UMC Physicians’ Jennifer Galey said other features include separate waiting rooms for patients in for routine visits and another for more immediate or more severe illnesses. 

“One thing that’s really unique about this facility is that we have a ‘well’ waiting room and we have a ‘sick’ waiting room,” Galey said. “I think that is, especially in the time period that we are now – you don’t have to worry about bringing your child in, or your elderly patient, or someone that’s immunocompromised.”