LUBBOCK, Texas — Bernards convenience store in Lubbock has been around for about 50 years, but Herrlinda Thrash and her husband bought it just four years ago before the construction at US Highway 87 and Farm-to-Market Road 41 began in 2021.

“Well, it was great, it was booming and we were busy all the time,” said Thrash. “We were doing well, but ever since COVID hit, of course, that took a toll on us. Then later, after that, the construction started up, which we knew was going to happen and we had planned for it, but then it’s taken longer.”

Thrash said many customers have to pass the store and turn around to get there, and they aren’t too happy about it.

“They asked us constantly, ‘What’s going on? When do they plan to finish? Why is no one working,’” said Thrash. “They’re very curious and they would like to have answers and they don’t like going to make that turn around.”

She said they’d like some updates on the project because just like TxDOT has to plan for the overpass, they need to plan for the next few years too. 

“[TxDOT] had to make their plan, they had the budget, you know, they had to hire and whatever else that goes into it,” Thrash said. “But we’re not any different, we have to do all those things too.”

But as Thrash sees South Lubbock growing, she said she’s still optimistic about Bernards’s future.

“At some point this will be very heavily populated, you know, just watching things go up,” she said. “And I know that in time Bernards will make a comeback, and we’ll remember them. We will remember them; the ones that stood by us.”

In an email from TxDOT, they said they still haven’t found a contractor to complete this project, and they have no timeline for when it will finish up. However, Thrash expressed her gratitude for the loyal customers, and said she hopes they continue to support Bernards.