The following is a press release from the United Family:

LUBBOCK, Texas – On Saturday, May 7th, the YWCA and The United Family will kick off Lemonade Day 2022 at the Amigos location on N. University at 10:30 a.m.

In the weeks leading to this day, kids across Lubbock have registered for Lemonade Day, secured a loan on Bank Loan Day through First United Bank, attended workshops, school assemblies, received a free T-shirt, participated in the online training, and more to ensure they are prepared for sweet success from owning and operating their own business. 

Along the way, participants learn valuable life lessons such as making a plan, working out that plan, providing excellent customer service, and ultimately earning their very own money. Local business sponsors, schools, non-profit organizations, and government leaders come together to impact the lives of area youth.

All Lubbock residents are asked to go out this beautiful Saturday and support the area youth by buying at least three glasses of lemonade on May 7th to help ensure the demand keeps pace with the ever-increasing supply! 

Check out the stands who have placed themselves on the Lemonade Day Map at the bottom of the homepage:  

Area residents are also encouraged to be extra cautious on the roads this weekend, as much like Halloween – the streets will have thousands of young people hustling around.   

End of release.