LUBBOCK, Texas — on Friday obtained a copy of a United Family memo sent to employees of United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos and other United Family facilities (Albertson’s Companies). The memo said all visitors and employees entering a regional office or a corporate office must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination.

“This requirement is not in effect for stores.”


The memo said employees who are not vaccinated would have the option to work remotely from home.

“This requirement is not in effect for stores,” the memo said. It’s also not in effect for a list of specific facilities such as Llano Logics, RC Taylor and a few others.

All visitors and employees must also wear a mask in the regional and corporate offices regardless of vaccination status.

“Social distancing practices are required,” the memo said. Employees who get a breakthrough infection of COVID-19 (meaning they got COVID even after taking the vaccine) will be eligible for quarantine pay.

United provided the following statement to

As the number of COVID cases began to rise sharply, adding further pressure on our stores and the healthcare systems, The United Family looked at what we could do to support our stores and our communities. We have asked guests to wear a mask while shopping and required team members to do so. We have also asked team members in support offices to be vaccinated or work remotely, to minimize risk, both of spreading disease and the risk of becoming seriously ill. We want to be ready to support our stores and other facilities as they serve our guests.