LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock’s United Way and Children at Risk held a press conference on Wednesday to talk about Proposition 2 which will be on the ballot this coming November.

Proposition 2 will give local government the authority to lower property taxes for childcare centers.

“Our childcare industry is the workforce behind the workforce. When parents don’t have childcare, they can’t go to work. You know, that’s a vital, vital piece of that equation.” said Kim Kofron, Director of Early Childhood Education for Children at Risk.

Kofron said that Proposition 2 gives 50% to 100% of property tax relief for childcare centers not only helps low-income families but also helps the community.

Lubbock’s United Way CEO, Amanda McAfee said as a working parent herself she knows how expensive childcare is and what all goes into the expenses.

“We have to pay people who take care of our kids. We have to take care of food. We have to take care of all of the equipment, the buildings, all of those things, like it’s expensive for good reason.” McAfee said, “But when you look at it, the actual average cost of childcare in Texas is higher than in-state tuition.”

If the proposition passes it will have the ability to provide better wages for educators and higher quality education for Texas children.