LUBBOCK, Texas – The news of the tragic accident in Andrews has affected athletics programs across the area. 

Athletic administrators from Texas Tech, Lubbock Christian University, South Plains College, and Wayland Baptist University all showed their love and support for those involved today.

“We consider Hobbs a part of our community, as well. And we’ve got lots of our fans and family in Hobbs,” Texas Tech’s Senior Associate Athletic Director, Robert Giovannetti said.

He said he’ll be looking at his coaching staff and athletes differently today, and holding them close.

He added, “You have so many trips that you take, and so many late nights that your heart just goes out to not only the university, but also the families. You send your kid off to college; in this case to play golf, and you just never dream of something like this happening. It’s tragic. It’s tragic beyond words.”

Lubbock Christian University’s Director of Athletics said how a tragedy like this can never be expected.

“It’s a possibility every time a team takes the road, or even as an individual, when you’re traveling. Those kinds of things are possible. It’s awful. It’s gut wrenching,” he said.

Larson is a father himself, and still can’t believe what the families must be going through. 

He added, “My heart breaks for them on two levels: Obviously, one as the Director of Athletics, and then two, as a parent myself.”

Retired South Plains College Athletic Director Joe Tubb who used to play golf himself took  this news personally. 

He explained, “Those kids played golf every day at one or more of the golf courses in town so you can imagine how many lives that touched.”

He also added that for smaller schools like USW, when things like this happen, it can feel like a tight knit family is torn apart. 

These schools are showing support in their own ways. Texas Tech plans to light up Jones AT&T Stadium Wednesday night when it gets dark. They’ll display red and blue colors, along with the University’s logo.

Wayland Baptist said in a statement, “We understand the emotion and pain that comes from this horrible tragedy. Today, our thoughts and prayers are with the university of the southwest and all those who are feeling loss.”

WBU’s golf teams will tie red and blue ribbons onto their bags for the remainder of the season to show their love and support.